Monday, August 20, 2007

Aren's Epic Ride!

Hey all!

Just wanted to share a great story of our youngest Team Strong Heart Rider, Aren Passenheim. He put together an epic ride with his Boy Scout Troop that most people could never imagine!

"Hello, I’m Aren Passenheim, I am a 14 year old boy from Coon Rapids, MN. Last year I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopothy.

I went on a 225-mile bike trip with my Boy Scout troop. There were 5 scouts and 3 adults riding. There were also 2 support vehicles that allowed us to rest during the ride when needed. We started in Coon Rapids, MN and rode to Many Point Scout camp which is between Park Rapids and Detroit Lakes, MN. The first day we went about 90 miles and rode to Camp Riply, where we set up tents and spent the night. The second day we rode to Osage, which was another 110 miles. We again set up tents and camped for the night. Our last day we finished the ride to Many Point where we then spent a week camping with the rest of our troop.

No one on the trip was injured, although we were all tired and sore when we were done."

From all of us on Team Strong Heart: Congratulations Aren!

Team Strong Heart is proud to continue our support for Camp Odayin, a camp for kids with heart disease in 2008!

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