Thursday, July 5, 2007

A note from Bernie Kaeferlein - Team Director

THIS is Team Strong Heart. Ten outstanding and dedicated crew members who put so much of their hearts and souls into the mission that mere thanks can't seem to cover the sacrifices that they made. Four slightly mental, but passionate, cyclists who love the sport so much that they would gratefully tackle the world's toughest bicycle race. Dozens of family and friends who gave up their time with us and supported our efforts as we prepared and competed, we are lucky to have you all in our lives. All of you have been an inspiration!

YOU are Team Strong Heart. I've been overwhelmed with heartfelt gratitude for all of our corporate sponsors who donated funding and services and to all of our supporters who donated funding and bought TSH t-shirts and jerseys in support of our mission. I am in awe that orders and donations are still rolling in!

It's been a dream that so many joined us to sponsor campers, expand programs and generate awareness for Camp Odayin! There are well over 200 kids who will attend camp this summer and will have a wonderful experience in part due to YOUR generosity and support!

Thank you all so much! You've helped make a bunch of dreams come true!



Skibby said...

and thank you for sporting the LSC cap in such an important moment!!!

B Train said...

I packed my LSC cap specifically for wearing on the podium. Being a member of LSC for the past 2 years has given me a new love of road racing and a huge network of passionate racers to hang and train with.

LSC Rocks!!!!!