Monday, April 2, 2007

Rose's Camp Odayin Story

Name: Rose Hometown: Lawrence, KS

Diagnosis: Two time heart transplant recipient. The first transplant was at age 4, because of restrictive cardiomyopathy, probably because of a virus attacking her heart, and was in congestive heart failure. The second was at age 12, and was necessary because of severe coronary artery disease, probably because of a low grade constant rejection.

Surgeries: Two total surgeries-low in numbers, massive in intensity! She’s also had close to 40 cardiac caths.

What I like about Camp Odayin:
I love meeting people my same age that have been through the same thing as me. It’s great to share stories about our experiences with surgeries, and I’ve made some amazing friendships. I love the location of the camp, Minnesota is beautiful and it’s nice to get away from the heat of Kansas for a while in the summer. I hope that I can go back to camp again next summer.
I know that I will have a wonderful time!

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