Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jeff Magnuson Representing TEAM STRONG HEART at RAAM Challenge Race in MN (August 19-21, 2011)

Jeff Magnuson is not new to TEAM STRONG HEART friends and supporters. Jeff was a huge supporter to TEAM STRONG HEART's mission for Camp Odayin. He was on the support crew for TEAM STRONG HEART 4-man RAAM team in 2009 and help the team win that year's very competitive 4-man team division. Jeff was a native Minnesotan, now living in Washington D.C. and still has relatives and many friends in MN, and one of his friends' daughters attended Camp Odayin. We are very grateful to have Jeff on board to represent TEAM STRONG HEART for the Camp Odayin mission to race in the upcoming RAAM Challenge in MN.

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