Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sebring 24 Update

Brett completes one more lap.

An eagle eyed friend of mine (Warren Talbott) was looking over the results from the Sebring 24 and asked me why I stopped at 23h 38m. I told him that I rode until about 23h 50m and stopped as I didn't have enough time to complete another lap.

I contacted the time keeper and told them that I think they missed my final lap. I had been having trouble with my timing chip all night. They looked on the backup system and found that they had missed the last lap..

New official distance 480.9, this is a personal best and new age group record (beating my distance from 2008 by 1/2 mile)


Team Strong Heart/Amy Xu said...

Amazing ride!!! Another record -- rest/recovery well and take care!!! Go strongheart -- Brett!!!

Brett Walker said...

Thank you so much Amy.

Unknown said...
Check out the video.
Great job.